We created a company for the floor covering consumer.  With an understanding of all aspects of the floor covering industry we can offer the consumer products and services that are second to none.  Mike Grover started in the industry in 1972 as a floor covering distributor representative.  He then later became a manufacturer’s representative of a large carpet mill where he was able to gain considerable experience and knowledge in the carpet industry.  Mike then moved to being a partner in a large commercial floor covering firm and then decided to open his own firm. 

In 2004 Mike decided to join The Floor Club and become an independent dealer. Mike  opened CONTRA COSTA FLOOR CLUB in a location in Pittsburg, California where he would have low overhead costs and could follow The Floor Club business model, allowing us to provide all floor covering products at wholesale prices to our clients.  Our staff is very knowledgeable in the products we sell.  We have extensive training in the proper use, care and installation of our products and understand the needs of our clients.  We want the end user to be satisfied with their selection.  This means the proper product and color must be chosen, installed and maintained in order for the consumer to be satisfied.