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In most homes and commercial buildings you are certain to find carpet to be a basic foundation of the decor.  Carpet not only helps to provide a warm, comfortable environment in which to live and work, but also adds a great deal of beauty and style.

Carpet will maintain its life and beauty for many years when properly chosen for a particular application.  In addition to choosing the right carpet it then must be properly installed and maintained. 

The sum of the initial cost of carpet, plus the maintenance costs over the total lifetime of the carpet, is usually less than hard surface flooring.  The daily maintenance of carpet is much less labor intensive than all other flooring surfaces.

In order to insure you protect your investment over the life of the carpet you will need a reliable resource that will be able to provide you with professional guidance in the selection, installation and care of your new carpet.  Contra Costa Floor Club personnel are experts in all types of floor coverings.  We are very interested in our clients and will always be available to help, not only at the point of sale, but well into the future.

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